New Patients

Do you need healthcare? Is Christ Clinic the right place for you?

Christ Clinic provides comprehensive primary healthcare to adults in the Katy area who: 

  • Have no regular doctor
  • Have no private insurance, Medicare or Veteran's medical benefits
  • Are low income (Our definition of low income is that a person can have wages/salary to 200% of the federal poverty level (FPL) or under. )

Download the New Patient registration forms below to get started with your paperwork ahead of time!

Download Here


All patients are screened for eligibility, however exceptions are granted for those who are experiencing a financial hardship. 

Documents/items needed for eligibility: 

Picture ID:  Driver’s license or other photo ID with current address

Employment Verification Letter 

Letter must include:

  • Number of hours worked
  • If paid weekly or bi-weekly
  • Rate of Pay
  • Employment Contact
  • Must be dated and signed

Pay Stubs: Provide the two (2) months of most recent pay stubs

Tax Return: Provide the most recent tax returns done by tax preparer

Letter of Support: Letter should include all house hold proof of income