Christ Clinic serves as both a walk-in clinic and a medical home. Walk-in patients are seen for acute illnesses and injuries and make up roughly 50% of the clinic’s patient population. The remaining 50% receive on-going medical care. According to Texas Healthcare Costs, the average cost of a walk-in visit in Katy, Texas is $94, as opposed to a preventative care visit at $235. Further, high rates of chronic disease have led to an increased need for specialty care providers along with increased costs in labs and other diagnostic tools.

The CDC reports that 90% of healthcare expenditures are for people with chronic and mental health conditions. Last year, nearly 50% of Christ Clinic’s patient visits were associated with such conditions. In recognition of the complex needs among our patient population, Christ Clinic has added case management services and behavioral health services, while using a patient navigator to address unmet social needs that contribute to health and well-being. Even with these increased costs, the clinic remains dedicated to low-cost services for our patients.

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