This FAQ provides answers to common questions patients might have about Christ Clinic and our services. 

Who is eligible for your services?

Christ Clinic serves the uninsured and under-insured and those that fall within or below the 200% federal poverty guidelines.

Are Christ Clinic staff bilingual? 

Yes. We have staff that speak both Spanish and English.

What is your service area?

Christ Clinic has no restrictions on our patients’ geographical locations.

How are you funded?

The clinic is completely funded by donations from individuals, businesses, organizations, churches, and foundations. We DO NOT receive any funding from local or federal government.

Do you have walk-in appointments?

Yes. We do have walk-in appointments based upon availability.

What other programs or services are available at Christ Clinic?

Christ Clinic offers 4 main services and 3 programs:

• Primary Care: including on-site labs and screenings

• Pharmacy and Medication Assistance

• Physical Therapy

• Health Education (classes and counseling)

• Total Care

• Express Care

• Employer Sponsored Membership

Do you partner with other medical care facilities?

Yes, we partner with West Houston Methodist, and Memorial Hermann.

Do you offer well woman checks?

Yes. Charges for these services vary based on the patient’s qualifying program.

What is the cost of a visit? (not including labs or additional exams)

- Initial Total Care visit: $25

- Follow-up Total Care visit: $15

- Express Care visit: $50

Does Christ Clinic offer specialist visits?

No. Christ Clinic DOES NOT have any specialty physicians.

Do you have doctors?

Yes. Our providers are volunteer physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners who are all able to diagnose illnesses, provide expert advice and write prescriptions.


When can I be seen by a doctor?

It takes approximately 1-2 weeks to be seen from initial inquiry.

Does Christ Clinic accept health insurance?

No, but we will accept individuals who are under the Bronze Plan in their insurance. We DO NOT accept Medicare Part B. 

Do you see children?

We can accommodate urgent sick visits for kids, but we DO NOT accommodate follow-up visits. Christ Clinic does not have a Pediatrician.