We offer employee benefits such as health insurance, dental and vision insurance, 403(b) retirement savings plan, PTO, family gym memberships, short-term disability, long-term disability, life insurance, and volunteer for a day programs. 

We are committed to continuously evaluating and expanding our benefits based on our employee’s needs! 

Our Hiring Strategy

We are dedicated to open communication and transparent processes at Christ Clinic, including our expectations throughout the hiring process! We will accept resumes and keep them on file up to one year. If selected to move forward, Human Resources will contact you for next steps including an initial interview and screening tool followed by secondary and working interviews as needed. 

If selected for hire, you will begin an onboarding process including new hire paperwork, introduction to culture, on the job training, assigned buddy system, etc. The orientation process will last in total for a year with constant evaluation and assistance offered as needed. Each new hire will have a formal evaluation at the end of the 90-day probationary period with raises based on performance. 

We seek out the most qualified candidates to best suit our organizational culture and skills needed. We pride ourselves in being an amazing place to work, competition is high!

Organizational Culture

Where mission minded people come to serve and make a difference in their community.

Important work. Fun play.

Christ Clinic puts great emphasis on the important principles of quality, expertise, passion, community involvement, honesty, learning environment, flexible environment, and several other attributes to convey opportunities for our employees to succeed. 

We are about trust: We have a strong work-life balance and trust our employees to do their job. Our PTO policy supports that. Our employees trust us to pay them fairly, with salaries based on market salary data. 

We are about care: We take care of our employees by investing into them and helping them to grow in their careers and personal lives. 

We are about appreciation: We value highlighting and recognizing both individual and team excellence. 

We are about fun: We think fun and productivity go together with family BBQs, fun events around sports teams, holiday parties, monthly staff lunches, team building festivities, and much more!

Be a part of a world that inspires community connection.