What is 2535 Initiative?

Christ Clinic is a charity clinic who is starting the groundwork for a new program called 2535 Initiative and will partner with local churches to deliver efficient medical care through the use of church relations. This initiative strives to aid the low-income household, the uninsured, and the under-served individuals with the help of devoted volunteers. 2535 Initiative will allow churches to use our clinical structure as a guide to run and organize their own church-clinic inside their facility to provide strength and comfort to those in need. 


Local churches are working with charity clinics to bring healthcare back to its roots by leveraging church resources, volunteer providers, and high-quality medicine to create a vast network of community medical fields. 


Building healthier communities by uniting the church and charity clinics, elevating its voice and works in healthcare by providing comfort, and meeting the needs of people as an expression of God’s love (according to Mattew 25:35).