It's a flocking fundraiser

To schedule a "flocking" use the Set Up link or contact our Advancement Coordinator Daniel Trejo


Phone: 281-845-7411

flock-a-friend is back!

Christ Clinic, with the help of Katy Hospice, will be hosting it's social distancing fundraiser Flock-A-Friend again this year!

What is Flock-A-Friend? Flock-A-Friend is when a fellow friend pays $100 to have a flock of 25 pink flamingos or $200 to have a flock of 50 flamingos roost upon your lawn for a 24-hour period all for a great cause. Each day the flamingos will migrate to a new lawn.

Flock-A-Friend is also a fun way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, special events or tell that special someone how much you care because nothing says "I love you" like a yard full of flamingos!

Don't want to be flocked? No worries! Flocking insurance will cost you $50 which prevents your yard from having any pink visitors.

buy flock insurance