our vision

“To provide reliable, accessible, high quality medical services to the most vulnerable people in our community.”

our patients

Our patients are who we see in the community everyday – service workers, child care providers and other low-wage earners, whose employers either do not include access to health insurance or they are unable to afford the options available.


Majority of our patients reside in Fort Bend, Harris and Waller counties, however, Christ Clinic is not limited to any geographical area and has no service area restrictions.  


Last year the clinic provided 15,031 primary and preventive care visits to more thank 11,500 uninsured and under-insured patients.

  • In an effort to help prevent avoidable ER visits, the clinic’s Aftercare program was able to serve 1,576 patients valued at $1,260,800 savings to our partnering hospitals.
  • Access to medication is just as important as a medical visit. This year, our pharmacy dispensed 4,699 medications such as insulin, COPD inhalers, and anti-hypersensitive medications.
  • In collaboration with MD Anderson’s Project VALET, the clinic provided 282 mammograms valued at $33,840. Of the 282 exams, 52 women received diagnostic mammograms at a value of $15, 080.
  • In March, the clinic partnered with Krist Samaritan to bring Mental Health services into a primary healthcare setting. Krist Samaritan provided 311 hours of Mental Health services.