Help run the clinic and provide quality medical care for patients who would not                   otherwise not have any primary care services in Katy

run the clinic for a day

Run the Clinic for a day? Is that like adopting a highway? Sort of. Christ Clinic exists to serve people who are underinsured. Becoming a Run the Clinic donor means you are helping us improve the health of our patients who would otherwise have no primary medical care provider.

As a charity medical clinic, your donation dollars allow us to provide the best medical and mental health care at a low cost for our patients, which means they don’t have to use the Emergency Room as their Primary Care Facility. Christ Clinic’s proactive care and education classes encourages patients to improve their own health and gives them the tools to stay healthy, which means they don’t require hospitalization for uncontrolled medical conditions, like diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

help run the clinic

Christ Clinic began as a ministry of the Memorial Lutheran Church in Katy, expanding to a small clinic on First Street, and then expanding again to our current facility at 25722 Kingsland Blvd. As an independently operated 501c3 non-profit, Christ Clinic’s mission is to provide high quality medical and mental health care for our patients, without being dependent on government funding. But, since our patients don’t have insurance, the funding must come from somewhere. That’s where you come in.

Your $2,500 donation will cover the cost of operating Christ Clinic for one day, allowing us to support up to 30 patients on the day that you reserve. Come tour Christ Clinic to see first-hand how your funds will be used. On the day, you “Run the Clinic” come spend the day with us as our guest. You will also receive a certificate of appreciation, recognition on Christ Clinic’s website, a Gold Keepsake Leaf and VIP invitations to all clinic events.